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Sexual Abuse Survivor came to life when I and my sister made a decision to move on and recover. We were sexually abused as children, and for years, we have chosen to not speak a word about it. However, healing is not possible without letting the truth out. We decided to share our story to the public and got surprised to know how many other women share the same sentiments and dark pieces of the past.

This platform is established to make a safe place for all the survivors and let them share their stories, no matter how painful, anonymously. We believe that after letting it out, recovery follows. We aim to create a safe and supportive environment for all the women out there who share the same secrets that are usually viewed as unspeakable. We encourage everyone to think otherwise and consider it a necessary step towards healing and complete freedom. Your story could influence other survivors to recover and move on as well.

If you believe in the same cause, contact us and share your story of no more than 1000 words. The stories will all be featured anonymously.


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Cannabis Is Far From Safe

Cannabis Is Far From Safe , Addiction Is Easy And Harmful

People are so badly informed about cannabis and seem to think that the drug is not addictive and using the cbd for anxiety ! I am fed up of seeing people mis informed and hooked on the drug. 3 things you should know about cannabis drug addiction Its highly addictive, Drug addiction to cannabis is rapidly increasing amoungst members of society, and goverments around the world are taking a very laid back attitude towards the drug. Cannabis is a drug that many consider to be harmless, perhaps to those whom are using the drug occasionally and don't have an addictive personality. What happens though if you happen to become addicted ...
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Cannabis Legalization

Appearance and Reality of Cannabis Legalization

The most "celebrated" distinction in philosophy is the distinction between "appearance" and "reality". Most professional philosophers believe that the outside world that we perceive with our senses is just an appearance contributed to by our own minds so that we could make sense of, and be oriented in, our everyday surroundings. These CBD joints made with CBD rich flower instead of Medical or Recreational Cannabis strains that contain high levels of THC. Underlying the world of "appearances" is the world of "reality" that is not directly perceived by our five senses, nor can it be, because what we perceive is just the incomplete and ever-changing "fragments" of what different philosophers ...
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Effect Of Cannabis Laws

Effect Of Cannabis Laws In The Netherlands

Even in the Netherlands, the homeland of cannabis liberalism, stricter rules are gradually being enforced partly at the behest of neighbouring countries eager to prevent their citizens taking too much advantage of Dutch laxity. Many peoples are using CBD for pain relief. The number of cannabis cafes has been reduced by half, the minimum age of patrons has been raised from sixteen to eighteen and the maximum single purchase restricted to 5 grams with the permitted personal possession amount similarly reduced. Political moves have been afoot since 2002 to eventually close down all the cafes, partly because some are believed to be forging links with organized-crime groups. This is hardly ...
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Employment Background Checks

Employment Background Checks

There is little dispute over the value of employment regarding background checker sites. When potential employees are in the interview phase, they are in a situation that calls for them to accentuate all their good qualities and downplay the bad ones. That's just how it is. Employment background checks represent one of many ways employers can keep their current employees and potential employees accountable for what they put on their resumés and what they put on their applications. Without background checks, job candidates would be able to put whatever they want on their resumés and job applications. There is a minority school of thought that believes background checks are unnecessary ...
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Criminal Background Check

How to Do an Employee Criminal Background Check

Doing an employee criminal background check service is essential in hiring a new employee for your business. Many employers who are serious should conduct a criminal background check to help minimize any danger in the workplace. There are many ways to getting a criminal background check on anyone. Some cost money, but with a little bit of creativity, you'll be able to check on any persons background for free. ****Click To Run an Employee Criminal Background Check****
  1. 1. Criminal Background Checks comes in a form of public records. This means that the local state court records, will have all the information you need. You can search court online ...
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Aromatherapy Essential Oils

The Many Uses of Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Essential oils are derived from the leaves, flowers, bark, stems and roots of plants, usually through steam distillation. As mentioned by review talkspaces, Through this process essential oils carry the true essence of the plant from which it was derived. Essential oils are used by aromatherapists, holistic therapists, masseurs and other healing practitioners either independently, alongside other treatments or as an alternative to conventional medications. Smells can evoke certain emotions, trigger memories and bring back vivid impressions of past experiences. Smelling bread cooking can take a person back to their childhood and visits to their grandmother baking in the kitchen. A whiff of pine can transport a person to the ...
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Shower Seats

Bathtub And Shower Seats

Safety is usually the first reason we think of for bathtub and duscharmatur mit thermostat. Luxurious comfort is another. Whether teak wood or plastic and chrome, bathtub and shower seats are sometimes necessary. They might also be an amenity you might not have thought of as something you could spoil yourself with. Everyone deserves a bit of pampering, and what better place for it than the bath? Bathtub and Shower Seats Styles On one end of the scale are very elaborate and somewhat costly bath seats. These are specifically designed for physically impaired adults. Their features include a seat that slides on a durable aluminum frame and an adjustable backrest ...
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Cell Phone Reverse Lookup

Cell Phone Reverse Lookup – What Results Can You Expect Performing a Reverse Phone Number Lookup

If you could do a phone look up for free, what sort of information would you expect to discover? There are many reasons why people need to have the ability to conduct such a search. Perhaps you are a potential employer who wants to get more information and background about a person. Maybe you have some suspicions about a telephone number that keeps showing up on your boyfriend or girlfriend's call display on their cell phone. Whatever the reason for your need to conduct a cell phone reverse lookup, you want to be certain that you are going to find not only the most current information, but also the most ...
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Fix a Sagging Mattress

How to Fix a Sagging Mattress

Introduction Once a best hybrid matressesss starts sagging, it's usually time to buy a new one. A sagging mattress can cause back and neck pain and several others problems. While it's usually not possible to fix the damage done, there are tricks to prevent more sagging, reduce the impact of the sagging or determine if another problem is causing the problem. Step 1: Determine the Cause  Before fixing the sagging mattress, determine if it's the mattress itself that is sagging or if the sagging is caused by another factor, such as a poor frame.
        1. If the mattress is resting on a box ...
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Healthy Living

3 Channels That Features Healthy Living

Entertainment is one of the greatest pastimes of all time. As per Nifty Wellness, it is not only an excellent source of fun but it can also be a great source of information, especially when it comes to healthy living. Healthy living is very important, especially in this day and age. The good news is that there are plenty of channels nowadays that feature it. Here are 3 healthy living channels that you might be interested in watching: Veria Living Veria Living is an American channel that features healthy living topics. It focuses mainly on health activities and wellness. However, in the year 2020, there is a new owner of ...
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Tattoo Business

Tips to Growing Your Tattoo Business

Tattooing is one of the oldest art, dating back to Neolithic times. After having one, you must keep some Microblading aftercare precautions. Since then, people have drawn tattoos for various reasons such as self-expression, rebellion, and beauty. Today, tattooing is a booming business, with tattoo artists earning a living from the art. Every business person needs to seek information about how to thrive in the industry. Consequently, they will make more out of what they do. This article comes in handy for tattoo artists and those running tattoo parlors. It highlights some essentials ways to growing your tattoo business and maximize your income. They are as follows:
Drinking Coffee Could

Drinking Coffee Could Be a Good Stress Reliever, Here’s Why

Caffeine tricks the brain into releasing more serotonin and dopamine in order to stimulate the central nervous system. It is also helps in releasing adrenaline, which contributes to the body’s fight or flight response. This causes most regular coffee drinkers to become more irritable and anxious. Caffeine and Stress Relief Coffee isn’t something that people often associate with reducing stress. Most people would usually avoid taking in too much caffeine when they want to get some sleep or relax. However, recent studies have shown that drinking coffee could reduce physical and emotional stress. Its effect on a person’s brain chemistry not only makes you more alert but also triggers neurotransmitters ...
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