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Sexual Abuse Survivor came to life when I and my sister made a decision to move on and recover. We were sexually abused as children, and for years, we have chosen to not speak a word about it. However, healing is not possible without letting the truth out. We decided to share our story to the public and got surprised to know how many other women share the same sentiments and dark pieces of the past.

This platform is established to make a safe place for all the survivors and let them share their stories, no matter how painful, anonymously. We believe that after letting it out, recovery follows. We aim to create a safe and supportive environment for all the women out there who share the same secrets that are usually viewed as unspeakable. Sponsored by Homewares Insider, we encourage everyone to think otherwise and consider it a necessary step towards healing and complete freedom. Your story could influence other survivors to recover and move on as well.

If you believe in the same cause, contact us and share your story of no more than 1000 words. The stories will all be featured anonymously.


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Encouraging Instagram

Encouraging Instagram To Help Prevent Child Exploitation

Social Media platforms, such as Instagram, offer people different types of enjoyment. In these platforms, people are allowed to follow others OR follower kaufen and sneak a peek of someone else's life, and post or share aspects of them that they want to publicize. The Risk People can sign up for an account quickly, no matter their age, since most of these platforms do not have an age restriction, or if they do, they can easily adjust their birthdays when registering. Even children can sign up for an account at any time, with or without the knowledge of their parents. What most people don't know is that these platforms also ...
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Pre-Existing Condition

Facts about the Pre-Existing Condition

A Pre-existing condition is an illness or a condition that you already possess even before you have enrolled in a health care plan. It could be illnesses or conditions like diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea, and many others. According to www.homeownersinsurancecover.net these are determined when you are already taking treatment or medications for an illness or condition before you start your health care plan. The conditions can be long term or chronic. It is now illegal for insurance companies to deny you medical coverage because of pre-existing conditions. It is important that you know the facts about the pre-existing condition. This way, you will know the rights that you can claim ...
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Cleaning Alleviates Stress

Various Ways in Which Cleaning Alleviates Stress

After working for many hours in a day, one way to alleviate stress is by doing some cleaning activities. Many people Click resources floorcleaningtools.com to relate cleaning activities with stress for a few reasons. However, there are various reasons why cleaning should be considered as a stress reliever. Some reasons are associated with the process of cleaning while others are related to the results of cleaning. The following are a few reasons why you should do some cleaning activities anytime you feel stressed: Cleaning Gives Relief from Clutter Coming from a workplace to find an untidy house can be stressful. Staying in a home that has piles of papers on ...
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Power of coupons on your brain

Power of coupons on your brain

Do torguard promo code have any impact on your body? Researchers have discovered the evidence which suggests that coupons make you happier and relaxed.  A study conducted by Professor Paul Zak and his team has proven the response of a brain to receiving a saving offer such as a coupon. The findings revealed that: 1.         Oxytocin level spikes up after receiving the saving offer. Oxytocin is a hormone associated with love and happiness which is generated from your brain. This response was marked to be higher than the levels related to getting a gift and any other social interaction associated with this hormone. 2.         It reduces stress. People who have ...
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