Sexual Abuse Survivors Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is often a sought-after alternative healing after a traumatizing event. The treatment aims at not only relieving pain but also improving the quality of life. It does this by reducing systemic problems that are relating to the nervous system and the mental state. The experts from Chiropractor in midtown NYC deals these type of cases every week. Below are some of the reasons why chiropractic therapy is beneficial for sexual abuse survivors.

Reduces Headaches

Most victims suffer from constant headaches because of the trauma. Sometimes the headaches have a huge impact on their health and the ability to maintain the lifestyle that they want. Chiropractic therapy can help remove any structure that is causing a stain on the back or the spine. This will eventually reduce the intensity of headaches and limit their occurrence.

Stimulates The Immune System

The immune system is directly linked to the nervous system; it affects the overall health of the body. An obstruction between the signalling pathway of the immune system and the nervous system can lead to poor health. Chiropractic treatment can remove the obstructions, restoring the body’s ability to repair any damages to tissues or injuries that the victim may have gotten.

Improves Sleeping Habits

After the traumatic ordeal, some people experience irregular sleeping patterns. Some of the chiropractic exercises such as the decompression exercise help improve sleeping habits without causing any known side effects.

Nurses Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant women experience back pain due to the difference in weight distribution across the pelvis and the joints. Pain and muscle spasms increase the likelihood of the pregnant mother struggling during labor and delivery. If the victim of sexual abuse is pregnant, chiropractic treatment will go a long way in helping her. It will focus on balancing the ligament and muscles in the pelvis to relieve the pressure on the uterus. This increases the likelihood of the child being born in a preferable position. As a result, the mother will have a normal delivery.

In addition, chiropractic care will reduce weight gain, improve hormones and allow the mother to be more comfortable when sleeping. A recent study conducted showed that 72% of women found chiropractic care very efficient in relieving pain during pregnancy.

Reduces The Dependence on Medical Interventions

After a traumatic moment, it is likely that the patient will turn to medicines to help him or her feel better. However, 96% of the people with lower back pain can be treated without the need for surgery. Drugs have an adverse effect, unlike chiropractic care. Every day, we hear reported deaths or injuries of people because of taking pain relievers like acetaminophen. With chiropractic therapy, the patient is not at risk of any side effects.

Alleviates Underlying Conditions Like Allergies

There have been positive results from people who have turned to chiropractic care to treat their various allergies. Those suffering from asthma have reported that after they have begun the treatment, they have suffered fewer asthma attacks.

Sexual abuse survivors should opt for chiropractic therapy as an alternative treatment. The treatment will help alleviate pain, improve sleeping habits and improve the general mood of the patient.