Tall Recliners

Recliners come in all shapes and sizes. They can be covered in leather, wool, or any material that best suit your reclining needs. Choosing recliners for bad backs in any furniture store depends on whoever is going to use it and how much space it could take in your home or office.

Big and tall recliners are for the – guess who – big and tall person. If you are that gigantic man or woman who is looking for a fabulous recliner that best suits your physical dimensions, here are some of the best recliners in the market.

Express Addison Recliner from NHI

With a 35”-40” width-to-depth dimension, this recliner is one of the cheapest in the market that should serve best the big guys. The best thing about it is the low reclining clearance that makes relaxation more satisfying. It has a latch for secure recline angles. The microfiber material is of topnotch quality and comes in a beautiful brown chocolate shade.

Plush Lever Rocker Brown Leather Recliner from Flash Furniture

Leather recliners are soft and durable at the same time. It is what makes them more marketable in the recliner market. Flash Furniture added more features to this classic recliner. The padded arms and bustle back cushions make it more comfortable to recline while its mechanisms for recline and rocking are smooth and sturdy. You can have a great cup of tea or a bottle of beer while relaxing on this recliner chair.

Big Man Comfort King with Wall-saver Feature from Stallion

It is the perfect recliner throne for the big man. This recliner has everything a big man would love to have in his recliner. The soft-padded arm and backrest, the best corduroy material, and the gorgeous brown shade and texture and the reclining technology that saves wall-to-chair space to make it fit into any room.

Why Consider These Three Recliners?

One of the things to check when looking for recliners is its width-to-depth dimension. Any recliner with a width of 25”-70” is suitable for broader individuals while depths of 40”-80” should suit those who are taller than 5’9” (176cm). The three featured recliners’ dimensions are within these ranges so they can support you no matter how tall or broad you can be.

Aside from the height and width of the user, the space allotment is another specification to consider. If you live in a smaller apartment, chances are a recliner wouldn’t fit inside. If your house, room, or office has adequate space to put in a recliner, then this should not be a problem.

Nonetheless, these recliners have wall-saver features, so you don’t have to worry about putting it a bit forward from the wall so you can recline with the chair backrest.

Size is also essential in choosing recliners. If you are over 300 lbs., chances are most recliners cannot handle you. However, most of these are now equipped with weight-resistance technology that should handle any user of up to 500 lbs. while keeping the comfortable experience intact and the cushiony feel present.


Recliner chairs are energy-savers for the hard-working individual. No matter how tired you are, sitting in these chairs would give you a relaxing sensation. Indeed, you deserve some comfort and pampering after conquering a day so it is good to treat yourself with an hour of rest and naps on recliners.