Encouraging Instagram

Social Media platforms, such as Instagram, offer people different types of enjoyment. In these platforms, people are allowed to follow others OR follower kaufen and sneak a peek of someone else’s life, and post or share aspects of them that they want to publicize.

The Risk

People can sign up for an account quickly, no matter their age, since most of these platforms do not have an age restriction, or if they do, they can easily adjust their birthdays when registering. Even children can sign up for an account at any time, with or without the knowledge of their parents.

What most people don’t know is that these platforms also serve as dens for evildoers who want to harass children sexually. Here, we will discuss ways to encourage Instagram to help prevent child exploitation.

The Campaign

Earlier last year, YouTube was publicly criticized for allowing pedophiliac comments on children’s channels’ comment section. However, a movement called Collective Shouts, observed that Instagram contains worse and more rampant child sexual abuses that vary from sex trafficking to adult fetishes.

Their campaigner, Lyn Kennedy, mentioned that starting July of 2019, Collective Shouts already collected hundreds of evidence of this matter. According to her, their pieces of evidence displayed an unfathomable number of abuse, especially on young girls, and that this is due to the limitless access to children’s accounts offered by Instagram to adults.

She also stated that Instagram is helping for predators in risking underage girls and standardizing them as accessible for sexual satisfaction. In addition to this, she encouraged social media companies to provide sufficient measures in keeping children safe from predators.

For this reason, Collective Shouts, together with the National Center on Sexual Exploitations of the United States and Defend Dignity of Canada, launched a campaign demanding Instagram to implement improved policies.

The following are the improved policies this campaign asked for Instagram to implement:

  1. A setting that disallows strangers to send a direct message to minors;
  2. An improvement of its algorithm that proactively deletes any sexual contents on minors’ photos; and
  3. An update of its reporting system that acknowledges reports of sexual comments on minors’ posts as such, for “Harassment/Bullying” selection, does not recognize that the criticism comes from an adult.

To help this campaign, you can follow these ways:

  1. Filling up a short form provided by Collective Shouts, to send a message directly to Instagram’s email, demanding them to take better actions in protecting minors;
  2. Viewing censored photos and videos presented by Collective Shouts as proofs, to learn more of the child sexual abuses in Instagram; and
  3. Posting on Social Media with the use of #WakeUpInstagram and #InstaPimpGirls, and tagging @Instagram and @Mosseri to capture their attention.

By doing these, you will be able to help Creative Shouts and their associates in rescuing the victims of child exploitation and protecting children from being future victims of predators lurking on Instagram and other social media platforms.


As technology allows immoral people to disrespect the rights of children easily, take advantage of their youthful vanity and innocence. This can result in them being secretive of their struggles through sexual abuse. This is why parents should be more vigilant in allowing them to enjoy the premises of social media.

Anti-sexploitation groups, such as Collective Shouts, may call on social media companies for better protection of children against predators. However, parents should still be the primary agent in building a protective barrier between children and pedophiles.