Sexual Abuse

Rape Crisis reports that about 85,000 women and 11,000 men are raped each year in England and Wales. This totals about 11 rapes per hour if you take this list for example, and these figures are based solely on adult rapes. Most people have some difficulty finding charities to donate to. Fortunately, there are various charities and organisations dedicated to assisting victims of sexual assault.

Below is a list of top charities for sexual abuse/assault in the UK;

Rape Crisis England and Wales

Popular for its emphasis on sexual abuse, this organization started in 1973. They are a feminist organisation focused on obtaining the best services for females that have been sexually abused. Their goal is to eradicate sexual assault in the UK.

They have affiliations with numerous rape crisis centres around the UK, intending to increase the awareness of sexual violence both locally and in the community at large. Currently, they have 45 centres in 56 locations all over the UK. All the centres are led by women and give support along with counselling services in a haven. They also have specific centres for male sexual assault survivors.

Safe Line

Since its launching in 1994, it has made several contributions towards preventing sexual abuse and helping its victims through the following services:

  • Counselling services, via calls, online, or in person.
  • Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA’s). To give support to people who report being abused to the police.
  • Available helplines for anyone that needs support, advice, or information following a sexual abuse experience.
  • Projects with emphasis on prevention such as support groups or mentoring.


They are the largest charity in the UK that focuses on handling and preventing child abuse and cruelty. Though child abuse is not their only advocacy, it is a major part of it. According to their website, 1 out of 20 children has been abused sexually in the UK. With helplines, the NSPCC has assisted numerous families, enabling children that have been abused to talk to someone confidently.

Survivors UK – Male rape and sexual abuse

Survivors UK is a charity that focuses on helping and supporting males that have been victims of sexual abuse. They have dedicated themselves to raising awareness of the truth that men also experience sexual assault. Located in East London, they offer a wide range of services, from national helping to individual counselling and support groups. They also give training sessions to organisations working with adult male abuse survivors.

Survivors Trust

They are one of the largest sexual abuse charities in the UK. Their goal is to support and empower all survivors of rape and sexual assault. They attempt to achieve this by raising awareness, supplying a voice, and liaising opportunities for all their members.

They have affiliations with about 130 specialist organisations that have the singular aim of supporting people that have been victims of sexual abuse in the UK and Ireland. They provide direct assistance to survivors, such as advocacy services, helplines, and counselling. They don’t have gender nor age restrictions.