Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is quickly gaining popularity as one of the most effective ways to relieve pain and stress fast. The health benefits of 성남 마사지 are holistic and beneficial for the body, mind, and soul. Some of the popular conditions that you can cure through massage therapy include fatigue, stress, and emotional trauma.

In your massage therapy career, you will encounter various patients with different issues. You will also come across patients that have undergone assault. There are different types of assault such as physical assault, sexual assault, emotional assault, and more.

Your patient may have gone through one or more of these forms of assault. Here you will require special skills to handle them without hurting their emotions the more. In addition to knowledge you learned in medical school, you need different skills to handle victims of assault. These skills include:

  • Sympathy and Compassion

A patient who has undergone assault will come to you in pain. They will expect you to help relieve the pain and help them heal.  Before they can trust you with this, you will need to show that you care and understand their pain. When your compassion is visible, you will gain their confidence and the treatment process will be fast and easy.

On the contrary, if the patient feels like you do not stomach their pain, they are unlikely to let you take care of them. They may allow you to perform the massage therapy on them, but will never let go of the pain they felt during the assault.

While you may do a good job of relieving their physical pain, but they will go home with their emotional anguish intact. Consequently, all the hard work you put into the massage will not be 100% effective.

  • Listening Skills

To completely immerse yourself into your client’s heart and allow them open up to you, you will need to be a good listener. Capture all the important details they give regarding their assault incidences.

Also, pinpoint the details to them once in a while to make them know that you actually listened and captured. This way, they will have confidence in your treatment and will cooperate and heal fast.

Conversely, if your patient feels like you do not listen to them, they will lose interest in the treatment. Some may withdraw from your services while others may consume the service half-heartedly. The former will not benefit from your therapy and the latter may not heal completely.

  • Communication Skills

After listening and showing compassion to your patient, know the right words to tell them. Be careful not to use words that will hurt them or remind them of their assault incidences. Learn what they need to hear and say it to them more often. Consequently, you will create a good rapport and encourage them to open up to you more easily.

Final Thoughts

As a massage therapist, you need to receive training to teach you which tendons and ligaments to manipulate to treat your patient. Additionally, you need extra skills to help you work with patients of assaults and other conditions.