My sister had this boyfriend whom she’s been with for years. He’s almost already a resident in the house as he comes over almost daily. He brings me and my little brother food and sometimes toys. My sister loves him so much. One night, he came over, but my sister was out. He came to my room and asked me where she is, and I uttered an “I don’t know”. Then, he left and used the bathroom but came back again. He brought my sister’s laptop and asked me if I wanted to watch a movie. It was around 8pm, and I didn’t feel sleepy yet, and so I agreed. I do not remember the title of the movie, but I vividly remember everything that happened while the video was playing.

He then placed the laptop on my lap and started leaning towards me, trying to share the screen. Suddenly, I felt strokes at the bottom and the rest confused me. I was 12 years old then. I was startled and froze. He then got up to lock the door, and the rest of that night’s story became a memory I wanted to erase but never could. He left, and I, still petrified. I reached out the pillow, hugged it tight, and cried all night. I was determined to talk to my family the next day, but 11 years after, that night still became a personal secret. I don’t know why I didn’t get to share it to anyone. I guess it’s because it’s too reprehensible and I was too scared things will just end up worse if I speak out. After that night, my sister’s boyfriend never came by again. The week after, I just heard from mom that they broke up. My sister was shattered, and so was I. I was shattered since I have to deal with a bent memory I didn’t have the courage to pacify.