Drugs and Domestic Violence

In most studies and research about domestic violence, you would most likely see drugs as a common link between the abusers. However, when we talk about drug-related domestic violence, we would tend to ask what kind of drugs are the ones that cause this sort of behavior. Let’s see what www.ouchclub.com‘s research has to tell us.

Research Linking Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse

The US Department of Justice gives statistics that state that 61% of domestic cases where due to abusers who were under influence of a substance. Also, 50% of spouses who were accused of attempted murder were under substance influence. These stats were from a 1994 study.

This isn’t the only study that tackles this link. Another one, known as the Memphis Study of Nighttime Arrests, examined 72 cases of domestic abuse wherein 92% saw a connection with drug or alcohol abuse. These cases would already tell us that there is a pretty significant factor between drug or substance abuse and domestic violence.

Types of Substances Found in Abusers

Now, another thing to take into consideration would be the type of substance that the abusers would use while doing the act. In the same study mentioned above, the Memphis Study of Nighttime Arrests, 67% of the abusers claimed that they were under both cocaine and alcohol influence.

Another study, made by the New Mexico Study of Fatalities which covered 134 homicide cases, reported that 25% of victims were high and drunk during the time that they were murdered. That said, it was discovered that not only abusers in domestic violence cases were high or drunk but the victims as well. This could be a possible indicator that the domestic violence case was due to the fact that the victim was displaying erratic behavior due to substance abuse which made the assailant act violently.

Another report by Time Magazine reports that there are also prescription drugs that may ignite violent behavior such as Prozac or Chantix. Other drugs include Halcion, Effexor, Pristiq, and Paxil.

Does Weed Fall into the Category?

With the statistics mentioned above, we’ve seen that cocaine, alcohol, and prescription drugs all ignite violent behavior. How about weed though? Surprisingly enough, weed doesn’t seem to be linked to domestic behavior. In fact, a study published in the August edition of The Psychology of Behavior that evaluated 634 couples reported otherwise.

The researchers from Yale, University of Buffalo, and Rutgers all discovered that smoking weed together can lessen domestic violence. That said, a detox from marijuana may not necessarily lead to lesser domestic abuse cases (although too much of everything is still bad).

However, another study by Ryan Shorey counters that one by stating that marijuana is a common link in men who have been arrested for domestic abuse. These abusers were also reported to use marijuana with alcohol, further igniting violent behavior.


As you can see, there is definitely a strong link between substance abuse and domestic abuse. However, not all drugs seem to induce the same effects on people, which is why it is hard to say that all drugs cause domestic violence.

One thing we can say though is that anything in excess is bad for you. So whether you drink too much, smoke too much weed, or sniff too much cocaine, you’re definitely bound for trouble.