Sexual abuse is a woeful case and has a lot of corresponding knock-on effects. Obesity is said to be one of the sad results of sexual abuse. Now, how are they related to weight loss and why one needs to Buy Phen24 to avoid any of these circumstances.

What is Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is often referred to as molestation. It is the undesired sexual behavior of one upon another. This incident happens when there is a force of physical contact done by the offender to the defender. This term covers any sort of behavior of an adult to someone whom he/she perceives weaker, involve him/her to perform a coerced sexual activity.

Why is it Happening

Admit it or not, this incident happens everywhere. It can be inside one’s household, workplace, and even uncommon areas. This “thing” normally takes place when the assailant is not anymore in his/her right mind. He/she may have an addiction or may be suffering from a mental disorder.

Who are the victims

Unfortunately, younger girls are the usual target of this heinous act. They are mostly in their teenage years and some haven’t even reached the adolescent stage of their lives. Women from all over the world are at risk of this unlawful and disgraceful deed. What’s more alarming is that men are also not excluded from this crime. Boys and even old ones also belong to the rising number of sexual abuse victims.

Based on CDC reports, one in every four women has been a victim of attempted or sexual abuse in her lifetime. Also, one out of six victims is a male.

What are the Effects of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse may lead to overeating, which then leads to obesity. It is the psychological yet physical response of someone, who has encountered sexual abuse in the past. Moreover, the effect is more evident among children.

One of the most common factors in gaining weight is what we call BED. BED simply means Binge Eating Disorder. Victims tend to eat more than necessary as it makes them feel more secured and satisfied with themselves. It is a way of coping with the stress and pressure brought by their past experience. Poor self-esteem, lack of social interaction, and depression are just some of its ill-effects.

How are Sexual Abuse and Obesity Related

Victims can hide their feelings behind their weight. Weight gain becomes their defense mechanism. It can eventually be a good excuse for them to make themselves feel secured. Cases of people with histories of sexual abuse and suffering from obesity are more common than we think.  Compulsive eating is one way to manage depression. Thorough assessment and treatment are essential.


Losing weight may not be the solution to solve this issue. Constant self-check through clinical help appears to be one of the best options to overcome this adversity. What they need is for them to feel that other people care about what they feel. They need people, who will understand their situation and make them feel that humanity exists.