online dating

While dating apps are becoming increasingly popular among singles that are looking for love, they come with potential dangers. Online predators and sexual offenders have taken to the internet to find their victims. Therefore, when finding love online, you need to take precautions and use sites like craigslist personals to ensure that you stay safe as you interact with a prospective mate. In this article, we look at some smart ways to catch and avoid online dating predators.

Check their Profile

Before you even agree to go on a date, it is wise to check the person’s profile and garner pertinent information like their full names. Avoid individuals who use sexually explicit names as this may suggest that they are only after sex. If you are looking for something meaningful, you also want to avoid users with explicit pictures. Do not feel guilt researching them online as chances are they are also googling you.

Block and Report Anyone Suspicious

If someone is abusing or harassing you, you should block them and report them to the customer support team. Basically, most dating sites have a feature that monitors the behavior of users and blocks abusive or inappropriate members. Also, if you suspect any suspicious activity, you can take the step to report them to the site administrator and the team may deactivate their account if need be.

Take Things Slow

When finding love online, it is important to take your time and get to know someone before going on a date with them. While you may feel comfortable and at ease after talking to them for some time, you still want to take things slow and learn more about them. You can identify an online predator by how fast they rush things and say things like “I love you. “If you are not cautious, you may be caught off guard with how fast the relationship has moved.

Meet in a Public Place

Always meet with your dating partner in public places and avoid secluded places. Also, text or call a friend and tell them where you will be. Alternatively, you can have a friend follow you to your date and let them sit at a nearby table. This way, if you suspect anything suspicious, you can have them contact 911.

Protect Your Private Information

One way to avoid being catfished by online predators is by refraining from giving out your contact information. Protect any information that could aid in your identity being stolen. It is important that anyone you meet online is a stranger and they should be treated as such. Beware of individuals who want to fish out information from you but give very little information about themselves.

Consult with Your Friend

Do not hesitate to ask for advice from a friend if you feel that something is wrong. Ask for their opinion regarding your prospective date and see what they have to say. This is significant because we more than often get excited when someone shows interest in us and our mind can make us believe that we have found the perfect match.

Do Not Drink On a First Date

This goes without saying since intoxication can affect your judgment and this can give the predator a chance to take advantage of you.


As exciting as it can be to find a dating mate in an online dating app, it is vital that you take safety measures so that you don’t become a victim of online predators. These tips will keep you safe online and help you catch a predator before they take advantage of your gullibility.