Cleaning Alleviates Stress

After working for many hours in a day, one way to alleviate stress is by doing some cleaning activities. Many people Click resources to relate cleaning activities with stress for a few reasons. However, there are various reasons why cleaning should be considered as a stress reliever.

Some reasons are associated with the process of cleaning while others are related to the results of cleaning. The following are a few reasons why you should do some cleaning activities anytime you feel stressed:

Cleaning Gives Relief from Clutter

Coming from a workplace to find an untidy house can be stressful. Staying in a home that has piles of papers on the floor, dirty clothes, dirty utensils, and unkempt clothes can make you feel confused and stressed.

In such a house, you can’t locate an item that you might need because everything is scattered and littered. Despite most of us desire to live in clean houses, cluttered conditions are what we find ourselves into. A recent study showed that about 10 percent of the respondents live in tidy houses while about 75 percent live in cluttered houses.

Cleaning Acts as a Money Saver

Most people spend a lot of money on buying food because they don’t want to wash utensils. Others spend a lot of money on replacing items that they cannot locate in the house. Doing proper cleaning and arranging items in the house can save them a lot of money.

Cleaning Can Be an Exercise in Gratitude

The first step to successful tidying is having a positive attitude when cleaning. It will make you see various things as an opportunity to be grateful.  For example, you may choose to appreciate the beautiful dishes you have and the power of technology when washing dishes and doing laundry.

Through appreciation, you might discover an item that you might be lucky to have. Inner peace comes from appreciating what you have, and this can be a great way to relieve stress.

Cleaning as Meditation

After cleaning your house, you can sit down and enjoy the cool breeze that comes from a clean environment. A clean home gives you a cool, silent breeze which can offer you a chance to think through issues properly rather than the noisy environment experienced in workplaces.

When performing your cleaning activates, you can choose to be meditating on some problems, thus making you more relaxed when you have finished doing the cleaning.

Cleaning as a Party

People who don’t like cleaning try to make the activity enjoyable and entertaining so that they don’t get bored. They usually listen to some inspirational books, movies, and music when performing their cleaning activities. This makes them finish the cleaning activity faster, even without noticing. Listening to music, motivational books, and movies help in relieving stress.

Cleaning as an Exercise

For those who spend a lot of time sitting, especially in the workplace, cleaning helps them do some exercise. Exercises help in relieving stress in different ways.  Moving up and down the stairs, picking up trash, and cleaning floors and windows can help you burn some calories which is beneficial for your health.