Child Abuse History

Child abuse has been experienced across the globe and according to numerology, it is classified as one of the most serious crimes one can commit. Most countries give life imprisonment for such an inhuman act, therefore, it is an indication of how serious such a crime is. It is very sad that in every ten children globally, one of them has been abused either physically or sexually. Approximately, only one percent of these crimes are noticed, whereas, 99% go unnoticed. Without notification, it causes serious and permanent trauma to the affected child.

According to research, about 70% of the affected children have their Numerology number as eight. Most parents fail to notice if their child gets abused and this troubles the victim a lot. Children should always be protected and for this reason, they get traumatized upon abuse because it seems nobody cares for them. The excruciating pain they go through makes them have difficulties in opening up. It is very worrying because some are abused by their blood parents and guardians.

Tips for ensuring that children who appear to be number 8 in regard to Numerology are not abused.

Avoid abusing your child verbally by excessive beating if they make some mistakes as it is normal for them to miss a point. They might feel detached and think of seeking comfort from other people little do they know they are exposing them to serious abuse like rape. It is advisable to be considerate when a child does wrong so as to avoid exposing them to further abuse unknowingly.

Never think of leaving your child with a stranger, friend, or even some of your relatives. Research has revealed that most crimes are committed by relatives and close family friends.

Your child should know what is meant to be abused. You are supposed to teach them various ways they can get abused, how to avoid abuse, and what to do in case such happens. Such information is very vital in bringing up a child.

Spending quality time and communicating effectively with a child is very essential. It creates trust between the two of you, therefore, a child feels free to open up if by bad back this unfortunate and inhumane happening occurs.

Wait until your child is past twelve years before they start being left alone. School is the only place your child can be safe from abuse predators if they are not at home with you or a responsible person.

Numerology of number five is considered for exchange if your child has number eight. It is believed to reduce pain and suffering caused to them as they grow up.


Every parent should be on the look so as to provide care and safety to their children. Abuse predators, especially for rape, are everywhere hence being vigil is the only way out of this inhumane act. Talk to your child whether they have numerology of eight or not. It is a fact that abuse can happen to anyone provided they are vulnerable. Embrace the discussed tips and make society a better place for all children.