Best Medical TV Series

Ever wonder why there are so many tv dramas that center around doctors? One of the obvious reasons is that the medical profession has its good share of drama, such as you can buy armodafinil online and doctors dealing with heartbreaking or life-and-death cases every single day. Moreover, medical TV shows are absolutely realistic. That is because you can see how exhausted some characters are and the effects of Modafinil on them.

Diseases and death scare most people. However, watching them happen on TV in the comfort of their own homes allows people to handle these situations without personally affecting them.

With that said, here are the best medical TV series of all time:

Nurse Jackie

After leaving The Sopranos, Edie Falco landed a nurse’s role with many personal issues in this TV show. Nurse Jackie is one of SHOWTIME’s most famous original series. Jackie Peyton is an overworked nurse that overcame her addiction to drugs. This element made the story dramatic and funny at the same time.


John Michael Dorian, or J.D., is the main character of the story. Dorian started his medical profession at Sacred Heart Hospital. The show often taps into serious and dramatic stories. It is one of the best medical series because of how accurate medicine and an early medical career are depicted. Nevertheless, Scrubs also aimed to show bizarre and absurd humor. Moreover, the depiction of medical practice is detailed.

Grey’s Anatomy

When Grey’s Anatomy was first aired in 2005, its fame did not stop. Many female viewers swooned over Patrick Dempsey’s character, McDreamy. Nevertheless, the show also shows strong, intelligent, and sexy women doctors. The show has many elements and has a long run because of this. Even though there were cat changes, the TV show is still groundbreaking and famous.


Most TV series critics consider House to be the best medical TV show aired. It is hard to deny this. The main storyline is simple. The main character is similar to a doctor version of Sherlock Holmes, who solves mysterious medical cases each week.

It was good and well-accepted. Nevertheless, Hugh Laurie, who played the main character, broke all the rules and made the show more interesting and entertaining to watch.

Not much TV series shows grumpy, rude, and drug-addicted genius doctors become heroes in a long-running show. This show was not meant to be likable, but the episodes were well-written, and the actors portrayed the characters well.


E.R. was aired for 15 years. It shows a great combination of drama, angst, and comedy in an emergency room in a large city. George Clooney became big because of his work in this show. Julianne Margulies launched her acting career in the show. It is made by Michael Crichton, who is a best-selling author. The storyline revolves around loves and lives that were lost and gained.


Similar to crime or action TV series, medical shows have been a great source of entertainment for many viewers. Therefore, it is safe to say that medical series is a TV staple. You can enjoy heart-stopping episodes from the shows listed here.