Fix a Sagging Mattress


Once a best hybrid matressesss starts sagging, it’s usually time to buy a new one. A sagging mattress can cause back and neck pain and several others problems. While it’s usually not possible to fix the damage done, there are tricks to prevent more sagging, reduce the impact of the sagging or determine if another problem is causing the problem.

Step 1: Determine the Cause

 Before fixing the sagging mattress, determine if it’s the mattress itself that is sagging or if the sagging is caused by another factor, such as a poor frame.

        1. If the mattress is resting on a box which has a frame that bends, you can need to add another brace to the frame.

        2. You can also add memory foam or a board, for example plywood, beneath the mattress to give it more support.

        3. These solutions are temporary; it’s best to purchase a new box.

Step 2: Fixing a Sagging Mattress

 If it’s the mattress that is the problem, it’s best to purchase a new one, but not always financially or practically feasible. There are ways to reduce the sagging or the impact of it, but keep in mind these options do not solve the problem.

      1. Some mattresses should be flipped over on a regular basis, changing which side of the mattress that faces upward and which one faces downward. Note that not all mattresses can be flipped over, however, some should only be flipped end to end (changing the side that your head rests on versus your feet).

      2. You can follow add memory foam or a board (for example plywood) under the mattress to give it more support.

      3. You can also insert fabrics or memory foam between the mattress (where it’s sagging) and your sheets.

      4. The last two tips are short-term solutions and might cause back pain or other problems in the long run.


If you have a sagging mattress, consider adding foam or memory board under the mattress to give it temporary support. Keep in mind that if your budget allows it, however, it’s best to purchase a new one.