Shower Seats

Safety is usually the first reason we think of for bathtub and duscharmatur mit thermostat. Luxurious comfort is another. Whether teak wood or plastic and chrome, bathtub and shower seats are sometimes necessary. They might also be an amenity you might not have thought of as something you could spoil yourself with. Everyone deserves a bit of pampering, and what better place for it than the bath?

Bathtub and Shower Seats Styles

On one end of the scale are very elaborate and somewhat costly bath seats. These are specifically designed for physically impaired adults. Their features include a seat that slides on a durable aluminum frame and an adjustable backrest. For added stability the legs are splayed rather than straight. The height will be adjustable.

Several other options in functional seats include cut-out seats, padded seats and casters. Weight capacities vary from about 250 to 500 pounds. Some are designed for small spaces. Bathtub and shower seats can also be foldable for easy portability. Certain models are designed for transferring a person into and out of a tub.

Another set of bathtub and shower seats are designed for luxury use. These are usually made with a seat of teak or similar wood on a chrome or brass or porcelain frame. This line can be either the stool type, or wall-mounted fold-down, which are most often installed in showers. They are designed to make bathing both practical and enjoyable. Reminiscent of Scandinavian spas and skiing resorts, these bath and shower seats might just have a place in your decor!