Cannabis Is Far From Safe

People are so badly informed about cannabis and seem to think that the drug is not addictive and using the cbd for anxiety ! I am fed up of seeing people mis informed and hooked on the drug.

3 things you should know about cannabis drug addiction

Its highly addictive, Drug addiction to cannabis is rapidly increasing amoungst members of society, and goverments around the world are taking a very laid back attitude towards the drug.

Cannabis is a drug that many consider to be harmless, perhaps to those whom are using the drug occasionally and don’t have an addictive personality. What happens though if you happen to become addicted to the drug? Around the world the drug is smoked by teens and adults of all backgrounds. In the eyes of many a legal system it’s not considered as an addictive drug. The information that is currently out there and the viewpoint and laid back attitude towards the use of cannabis is by far the wrong approach.

In households throughout the world there are families struggling because a loved one has become addicted to the drug. Whereas this drug is smoked and not injected the attitude seems to be as if the drug is a cigarette simply there as a method of relaxation to turn to in times of stress. When in fact cannabis is dangerous and creates havoc in everyday family life. For example if you have a family member that is addicted to cannabis you will notice very laid back, dopey behaviour their senses are not as strong as that of the average person and their reaction towards matters whilst under the influence of smoking the drug are somewhat laid back .

It can be extremely frustrating for someone to have to watch their loved one under the influence of cannabis drug addiction down to the fact that it seems as if they are not concerned, or simply don’t care. This is far from wrong; you need to consider why is your loved one turning to use cannabis in the first place, what led them to the drug addiction? Cannabis has harmful effects on the body’s nervous system and the longer it takes to address the problem, the more serious the situation can get. Those whom are addicted to cannabis are easily susceptible to schizophrenia; their tempers go up at the slightest thing when they don’t have the drug in their system. It can make them violent angry and paranoid.

Long term use of the drug also gives the user an increased risk of cancer, especially of the throat and lungs, and many more health complications. Despite this though the drug is classed so low risk that many users feel ashamed to admit that they have a drug addiction issue with it. The first step towards seeking help for your addiction is to know and realise that your usage of the drug is over the limit. The second step is to find a clinic that helps out with drug addiction where they have specially trained staff that are able to help you.

Address the underlying problems in your life before you turn to drugs, whilst they may seem like the easy way out they are by far an escape route and only open a door to more problems. Don’t let drug addiction get the better of you stay on top of things be strong and talk about the issues that are bothering you with someone you know and trust.