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Survivors Stories

Story 1

My sister had this boyfriend whom she’s been with for years. He’s almost already a resident in the house as he comes over almost daily. He brings me and my little brother food and sometimes toys. My sister loves him so much. One night, he came over, but my sister was out. He came to …

Survivors Stories

Story 3

I don’t remember my entire childhood, but I will never forget the fragments of the past that I now find not just disturbing but downheartedly dreadful. It happened almost every bath time. I don’t know why mom never thought of it as weird, but I remember dad always insisting to give me my bath each …

Survivors Stories

Story 2

My parents got divorced when I was 11. Just a year after, my mom remarried to a banker who had an adult son and a 7-year old daughter. His daughter and I got along well, and my new brother was also nice. Months after we moved to our new house in Oakland, we all celebrated …