Our Mission

Sexual Abuse Survivor exists to spread awareness about sexual abuse and remove the stigma surrounding this sensitive yet serious matter. We encourage survivors to share the same mission and make the world become more accepting of the realities and promote a supportive society that heals instead of criticizes the victims of the inevitable harsh realities of the world.

We also aim to educate parents about sexual abuse prevention and the things they can do to help them children recover. We also encourage them to fight for justice to promote law enforcement in their communities.

We gather all survivors and encourage them to share their stories as a part of the healing process and to let other victims know that they’re not alone in this battle and that recovering and healing are possible.

The stories we feature are painful, but we aim to let victims understand that we should not attach shame to them and to express, be free, and heal by letting it all go. If these stories are kept inside and the victims don’t get to have a platform where they can let it out, we are limiting their options of survival. We believe that this platform is an instrument for victims to stop hiding the horrors of their past and release them by ceasing to think that they are unspeakable. The more you let them out, the more you’re moving closer to healing and freedom.

It all started when I and my sisters, both victims of sexual abuse, gathered our courage to share our stories and surprisingly found out other women sharing the same terrible experiences. We then got surprised to have met many other women with heavy and dark secrets laying them all down for the sake of recovery. Liberating the irrevocable truth and healing go hand in hand. When one tells the story of her abuse, it encourages others to do the same and we then create a safe, non-critical haven that degrades shame and promotes renewal. For the survivors out there, you are not alone. We are with you. Share your story anonymously and be free.