Public Speaking

Melanie and Sandra don’t only write to inspire. They also travel across the globe as speakers of all matters concerning sexual abuse. They share their personal stories of abuse, healing, and renewal and promote justice in the form of healing, self-love, community support, and acceptance.

The contexts of their public speaking sessions are on survival stories, child sexual abuse prevention, general sexual abuse advocacy and awareness, and advocating recovery from despair and trauma.

Everyone is free to attend their sessions and get ready to finally make peace with their past to give way to the renewal of the present and the future.


Public Speaking Testimonials


I felt much better after the event. I have had many realizations. One important thing I have realized is that time heals everything and that prolonged pain is a choice. It won’t be easy, but I’m now more eager to take charge of my life and master my emotions.

  • Amy Holt


Melanie and Sandra successfully made a safe haven for everyone who have different stories but share the same terror and pain. Everyone in the room had different status in the healing process, but in that session led by Melanie and Sandra, everyone was inspired by the way they shared their stories and vulnerability. We all felt how detached they already are to the past, and it made us all think about how to move on as well.

  • Beatrice Pena


It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made—attending their session. I’m glad my friend introduced the event to me.

  • Mandy Simon